Ode to the Universal Mother

I believe in the one Goddess
who is all that has been, is and will be
and whose skirts have not been lifted
by any mortal man!

She is the Great Mother
and the Mistress of all things,
the Mother of the waters
whose union with her brother, the soil
gives birth to the Sun!

She is the Creator of the Heavens
and of the Earth,
of all that is visible
or invisible!
Being One, she is at the same time Many!

I believe in Isis, the Goddess
who bears the sun on her head
and whose breast is
the Royal throne
and whose mother's milk
confers the right to be king!

And I believe in Inanna,
whose rump is as gigantic
as Mount Arafat
or as the bridge
that spans
the river of fire
in Gehenna
linking Hell and Paradise
and whose Son dies in winter
and is born again in the spring!

I believe in Astarte,
the Mother to whom the Hebrews,
in their time of fortune and wisdom,
offered up bread, wine
and perfumes!

And I believe in Cybele of Pessinonte,
Mother of Jesus-Attis
whom the Cretans called
the Cypriots the Paphian Aphrodite
and the Romans Venus,
the Magna Dea
or Great Goddess,
the Mother of Aeneas,
the patron saint of Rome!

May the Supreme Pontiff,
President of the College of Pontiffs,
exercise the power given him
in conformity with the will
of the Goddess,
by ensuring that the Six Vestal Virgins
remain pure
and always keep in good order
the Centre of the City
where a flame burns
high as the stars in the sky!

And I believe in the Gorgon,
that virgin demonised by the Olympians,
and whose beauty,
far from being repulsive,
is bewitching
and whose glance,
not only does not turn to stone,
but keeps from loneliness
the traveller venturing
far from home
into the kingdom of Atlas!

Yes, I believe in the immortal song
of the Sirens
which is really a simple love song
which brings those who hear it
the joy and happiness of existence!

And I believe in Holy Mother Ireland,
the One called Brigitte
or Macha or Anna
and in Morgana, the Lady of the Lake,
who reigns on the paradise isle of Avalon
where she receives, after their deaths,
the heroes of the Round Table
and whose magic cauldron is
the Holy Grail!