The Dance of Aphrodite

With my back against a pine tree,
from the top of Mount Pentelikos,
I watch Aphrodite dancing
like the gulf of Eubée dances
with its sandy shore,
passed like a sash of white pearls
around her waist
more slender and delicate than a needle
and with her hair loose,
so opulent it makes
the finest ewes envious,
her long hair wound around her silky loins
from which spring lightning bolts of desire!

Her hips, more beautiful
than the mountains of the island of Eubée,
or even the mountains of Thessaly,
stretch from one end of Attica
to the other
and are skillfully
cleverly suspended
from the mast of her body
transformed by the love of Dionysus
who fathered her son Priapus,
the vigorous god
with the ever erect phallus
always penetrating
a wood nymph
or a Bacchante
with black curly hair!

Her buttocks are so lithe
that when she walks they dance
between her thighs curved like palm leaves,
but so smooth
that I'd gladly compare them
to honey from the Hymettus
fragrant with blessed thyme!

Her chestnut eyes are
slender as water lily petals
and as tender as carnations!

Her eyelashes are like
myrtle branches
and her eyebrows are so arched
they would make envious both Eros
and his bow that fires
arrows of flowers!

Her mouth is as beautiful
as the mouth of the Cephise
and the Saronic Gulf drinks its nectar
and doesn't want to break away!

Her delicate ears
are the colour of the shells
on the banks of the Euripe
and the jewels of her nape of alabaster!

A pearl necklace
whose beauty is increased
by the magnificence of her moonlike throat,
decorates her neck,
white as a woman's milk!

But her most beautiful feature
is her round breasts
whose nipples are so red
that the setting sun
is offended by them!

Yes, her breasts are so opulent
I'd find it hard
to crush them against my chest
as I would the grapes of Corinth!

The soles of her feet are
flying roses
and her ankles rise
so nobly
you'd think they attended
the school for royal swans!

The last thing
I recall
from my noonday vision
of the goddess of Cyprus,
is her legs
which throw themselves into the dance
of the spheres,
like the swells of the sea
crowned with white foam
in which and Erotides and Nereids play!

And I remember too
the blue ray of Sirius
which is her pubis
descending ecstatically
towards her blushing vulva
like a river
of the Elysian Fields!